Ah, the joy of welcoming a sweet new baby into your life – those tiny fingers, delicate features, and the overwhelming love that fills your heart. It’s a beautiful and overwhelming time, and many parents can’t wait to preserve these fleeting moments with newborn photos. But the burning question remains: when should you do newborn photos?

Newborn baby girl laying sleeping on a white bedspread

Timing isn’t everything

Most moms have always heard that it is best to schedule your newborn photos in the first two weeks after birth. Yes, this is commonly the best practice for posed newborn photography but if you are looking for a lifestyle newborn photography session, like I offer, then that rule doesn’t apply. Lifestyle photography is when we focus on the connection and moments rather than using props or heavy posing. The beauty of this is it provides a lot more flexibility in scheduling.

Four brothers sitting on a bed holding their newborn sister.

Your delivery and recovery will guide when we schedule

One thing I learned from all of my deliveries, all four of them, is that they don’t always go as planned. My last birth resulted in a c-section and then landed us in the NICU for several days. Long story short, mentally & physically we all needed some recovery time. I felt so much better that I was able to push back our newborn photos for when we were all feeling better and rested. Bringing a new baby home is a huge transition and when you add in some unexpected events it can add a lot of stress. My goal for your session is for it to be a positive experience and one that doesn’t add to your stress-level. I want you to look back on your photos and be flooded with sweet memories. This is my way of saying, it’s OKAY to wait until you are up to it. We waited a little over 3 weeks and by that point we had time to heal and rest. We had time to fall into a better rhythm with the baby and we all felt more relaxed.

Brother holding his newborn baby sister on a bed.

Are you sure if we wait longer than 2 weeks it won’t be too late?

Yes, I promise! The main reason people do it that early is to work with a super sleepy baby for those posed newborn photos. My approach is different. We follow the baby’s lead and focus on the connection you and your family has with the baby. There will be lots of snuggling! Baby awake or sleeping is totally fine!

Toddler reaching into a crib to touch his newborn sister.

We talked about when to schedule your photos but when should you book?

We talked about when you should do newborn photos but we should also chat about when you should book them! Simply, the earlier the better. Most commonly moms book me while they are pregnant which guarantees you a spot on my calendar and it allows you time to prepare. If you are reading this and you just had a baby, reach out! I will do my best to make room! I love newborns!

If you are ready to book, first of all, congratulations and contact me here. If you are ready to start prepping for your session, here is a great post about what your baby should wear for the session!

When should you do newborn photos? The answer might not be what you expect!

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