Family standing on Aspinwall Riverfront dock with Pittsburgh bridge behind them

Just a short drive from downtown Pittsburgh, Aspinwall Riverfront Park, is a hidden gem. This park is now officially known as Allegheny RiverTrail Park. I have lived in Pittsburgh for many years and I only just recently visited this location. It has so many great qualities and I truly enjoyed having a session here. If you are curious if this would be a good spot for your next session, read on!

Family posing for photos at Aspinwall Riverfront park

The crowds are minimal, meaning less distractions!

Being a less crowded space, in my opinion, is a huge perk! I’m never a fan of having my photos taken with tons of people around. If this sounds like you too, then consider Aspinwall Riverfront Park when deciding on your next location. If your photo session involves young children then less distractions is always a bonus. That’s a big win if you ask me!

Mom and daughter laughing
Dad and daughter laughing

The light here is beautiful before sunset.

I schedule my sessions an hour before sunset. In the photographer’s world, this is referred to as the “Golden Hour” and the most dreamy time of day and the perfect time for photos. Aspinwall Riverfront Park is absolutely beautiful and the light is perfect, especially when it’s filtering through the bridges!

Dad and daughter walking away

At Aspinwall Riverfront Park you can get photos with Pittsburgh bridges in the background.

Raise your hand if you love Pittsburgh’s bridges! It’s such a beautiful and special part of our city, right!? I was so thrilled when I visited this location and saw the bridges! It makes for some really neat photos. So if you are like me and think our bridges are great, then definitely consider booking this location for your next photo session. If bridges aren’t your thing, no worries, I have several other location suggestions.

Family standing on the dock at Aspinwall Riverfront Park with bridge in the background
Pittsburgh Bridge at sunset

One thing to consider if you’d like to schedule your photo session here, is to know that while it is generally a quiet place, they do hold special events from time to time. It would be wise to check the parks website to avoid scheduling you session during one of events.

Even if you don’t choose this location for your next session, I hope you get a chance to visit this park and enjoy it’s beauty and maybe even attend one of their summer concerts!

Family playing on the dock at Aspinwall Riverfront Park

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Aspinwall Riverfront Park – Location Spotlight


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