You have so much on your mind after bringing your new baby home. I totally get it, I’ve been there four times! What your baby should wear for newborn photos shouldn’t be something else on your list of things to stress about. I’ll make it super easy for you! By following these easy tips on how to dress your baby, I know it it will help to make your in-home newborn photos a beautiful success. Let’s get to it!

Sleeping newborn in a onesie being held by mother

A simple well-fitting neutral onesie is best.

Neutrals, pastels, or a single-colored well fitting onesies work best for in-home newborn photos. Either a long or short-sleeve onesie are fine. I’d guess that there is a good chance you already have what you’ll need in your drawers. No need to run out to the store or buy a bunch of stuff that you”ll just need to return later. The simpler the better. Neutral tones next to your baby’s skin will provide for much more flattering photos. If you do want to add a pop of color, it’s not always about what they are wearing. You can easily add in some color by gathering a few swaddles or blankets to snuggle your baby in during the session.

Baby in a white onesie laying on father's lap

Avoid overly complicated newborn outfits.

Yes, there are so many cute newborn outfits out there but it is almost impossible to find ones that fit your tiny baby well. Instead, I have found a lot of these outfits to be distracting and difficult to get on and off. We want your baby to be relaxed, and constantly changing outfits will do exact opposite. Believe it or not, you can have a beautiful newborn session in just one outfit.

Newborn baby in oneis stretching in crib while little brother looks in
Newborn baby boy asleep in crib while toddler brother watches him sleep

Should you add in a newborn cap or bow?

These aren’t necessary but if you would like to include them, just follow the same suggestions as the onesies. Keep them simple, neutral, and well-fitting. When choosing a bow or hat be sure to choose ones that aren’t overly distracting or too big. I have found that if they are too large your eye is immediately drawn to that accessory instead of the baby, and you don’t want that.  

It is always wise to try on anything you plan to use at your session prior to my arrival, just in case it doesn’t fit well. I would also suggest having one of two back up onesies on hand. I’m sure you can guess why!

Remember to keep it simple & neutral and you’ll be all set!

If you have any more questions about what your baby should wear for their session OR if you have a baby due soon and want to get on my calendar, please reach out!

What should your baby wear for newborn photos?

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