Beechwood Farms is not only one of my favorite parks for family friendly hikes but also for family photos. This is why this location is getting a special feature on my blog as a suggestion for your next professional family photo session or even just a great place for you to grab some sweet snapshots of your kiddos.

What makes Beechwood Farms such a prime spot of photos? Read on and I’ll tell you why.

Family looking at each other at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve

This location is not crowded

When I pick locations for my photo sessions, I try and find places that aren’t swarming with people. Quite simply, I find that when there are more people around it inevitably means more distractions for the kids. Plus, from personal experience I think it’s easier to relax when there are fewer people around. There are times when crowds can’t be avoided, however, if I had my choice I would always choose a more private location. Beechwood is a secret gem in my opinion. 

Young boys sitting on a apple crate smiling

Beechwood Farms has beautiful light

If you have ever heard photographers mention “the golden hour” they are referring to the beautiful light that arrives shortly before the sun sets. It’s that warm light that we all have noticed before even if we didn’t realize what was so charming about that time of the day. It is my favorite light to take photographs and makes all the difference in the final photo. Beechwood is absolutely lovely during that time. You definitely won’t regret choosing this location if you are hoping photos with that beautiful light.

Mom holding baby looking over her shoulder at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve

Beechwood Farms is a great place to let the kids explore after your session

This park is a great place for photos but also a wonderful place to explore. Depending on the time we wrap up your session you might have the chance to explore the numerous short walking trails or check out the small lake. I have taken my kids here many times just for a quick hike. If you aren’t up for a walk, there is also a small playground. A fun place to let your kids blow off some steam after being champs for their pictures. Another perk is that they do have clean restrooms, which is always helpful when kids are involved (especially for those that are in the trenches of potty training).

Family of 6 holding hands smiling at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve
Baby smiling sitting in a apple crate

A few things to consider about this location

Beechwood is a wooded location so please be aware that ticks are a concern. Please take proper precautions by either wearing repellant/and or checking carefully for ticks following your time there.

I hope this gave you a small glimpse into this charming park. I also hope you get a chance to check out Beechwood Farms whether it be for a hike or for your next photo session.

Is it worth booking a family photo session? Absolutely, and check out this post why I think so!

Beechwood Farms – Location Spotlight


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