Depending on the day here in Pittsburgh I can feel the chill in the air telling me that fall is just around the corner. These chilly mornings are also telling me that it’s the perfect time for fall family photos. I was chatting with a client about their family photos and she mentioned how stressed out she gets picking out outfits. I thought now would be a perfect time to give you a few tips to make it a much easier task. Let’s get to it.

Dad and mom looking at son while holding him in North Park

Start with mom’s outfit

First and foremost, before you dress anyone else, start with mom! I did this with my most recent family photos and it helped me so much. Before I even considered what anyone else in my family would wear, I went through my closet and found a dress that I didn’t even know existed. I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised, it was comfortable and something I felt really good about. From there I moved on to the rest of the family. I started with items we already owned and then if we were missing any items, that is when I hit up the stores. I can’t tell you how just knowing what I was going to wear took so much pressure off and gave me more directions on our color scheme as I rifled through their closets and went shopping. Trust me on this one mom, start with you!

Mom and dad walking with toddler son through the leaves in North Park

With the cooler temperatures means layers are a go

Fall family photos are the perfect season to bring on the layers. Jean jackets, a comfy sweater, or a cute scarf. All these elements help to add depth to your outfits and will also keep you and your easily chilled kiddos warm. You can also change things up in your photos by easily removing one of these items if you liked to do so. I also am a big fan of boots in photos!

Mom and dad crouched down smiling with their toddler son in North Park.

Lay out everyone’s outfits on your bed for your fall family photos

My final tip is to gather everything you want your family to wear (including shoes) for your photo session. Is there anything that your eye is immediately drawn to? If so, remove that item. You want your clothing choices to compliment not overpower the other. While patterns can totally work and I encourage you to throw some in, occasionally you’ll find that some patterns are just too much. In the past, I’ve even sent a photo of my clothing choices to my mom, sisters, or photographer and asked if anything looks out of place. I’ve never regretted getting a second opinion.

As mentioned above, if you are struggling with outfits or just need a second opinion, I am always happy to help. Fall is such a great BUT busy season, and I hope that these tips will help take some of that unnecessary stress off your plate. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I have no doubt that you and your family will look great!

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