Family photography is SO worth it!

We all have valid reasons why we don’t schedule family photo sessions. I recently reached out to my newsletter list and asked the question, “what is the main reason you don’t book family photos?” The responses didn’t surprise me at all. Most responses were along the lines of cost,  you don’t know who to go to, and you don’t feel good in your own body so you avoid getting photos taken. Again, all of these are very valid reasons. Today I’m going to share why I think you should push past these reasons and book a session.

Family photo in the park in the fall sunshine

YOU should be in more photos!

If you are anything like me, you are almost always the one taking the photos of your family. I find that unless I hand off my phone or camera, I’m rarely in a picture. Usually selfies are how I end up in one with my kids; and let’s be honest, selfies are seldom the most flattering. Am I right?! Booking a family session automatically guarantees that you will be included in the photos! I promise you that your kids want you in the pictures. Your kids don’t notice those few extra pounds you think you are carrying around because they adore you and think you are beautiful.

Mom and sons hugging on bridge in emmerling park in fox chapel, pa
mom and son smiling at each other at the park

Kids are constantly growing and changing.

Your kids are changing and growing every single day. A family photo session is the perfect way to document all of this. I have an album dedicated to our family sessions in order of when they were taken. It’s by far one of my favorite albums to pull out and flip through. We all love it. It’s a beautiful timeline of how our family has grown and changed over the years.

two boys laughing at the park

You will never regret investing in a family photo session.

From personal experience, I have never regretted booking a photo session for my own family. You know what I regret?  NOT BOOKING ONE!  In hindsight, I should have scheduled one yearly, and from here on out that is my goal! I can’t go back but I can make it a priority from now on. Your kids will keep on growing so don’t regret letting the time pass without documenting their sweet stages. You can start now. If price is an issue, think of photos as an investment, which I truly think they are. Add your yearly photo session into your budget and plan for it in advance.

family laughing at emmerling park in fox chapel

If you are interested in scheduling a family photo session, please get in touch!

Why you should book a family photo session

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