Last week I booked our a family photo session for this summer. It got me thinking about ways to make this experience more enjoyable for everyone. Below I am sharing a few easy ways to help you prepare for your family photo session.

Try on all clothes and shoes before

You’ve found all your outfits and are feeling good about your choices. Now, take my advice and make sure each one of your family members tries on their outfits, especially their shoes! No one wants to cooperate if their feet hurt or if they are tripping in shoes that are way too big. You’ll be happy that you spent the extra few minutes making sure everyone is comfortable, and it will definitely help your family have a more enjoyable session.

Make sure to feed the kids beforehand to avoid grumpy children

This is a good tip for all of us, right!? Very often session times fall around dinner time which means, hungry kids. Hungry children children will not cooperate, guaranteed! Even if you don’t feed them a full meal, be sure to have a hearty snack beforehand. I know I’m a lot happier when I’m not ravenous!

Don’t expect your kids to cooperate perfectly

Try to keep your expectations in a reasonable place. For many of our children, getting photos taken by someone other than you is a new experience. I know that meeting me for the first time might bring some hesitation, that is totally okay! I expect sessions with young children ebb and flow. The best thing you can do is try and relax and just play with your kids. If they sense you are stressed, there is a good chance it will stress them out. Try and have some fun and just enjoy the time with them and just play! It takes a lot of the pressure off the experience and the overall result will be a happier session for all.

Arrive a little early

This tip goes well with the one above. Arriving 15 to 20 minutes before your photo session allows you some time to let your kids check out their surroundings and get some wiggles out. It will also allow you a moment to catch your breath after getting ready and out the door! I know how tough that is and I definitely need a moment after I accomplish that feat!

At your next session give these few tips a try and let me know if they helped!

One last thing, the session above took place at this location, check out this post if you want to see if it would be a good spot for your next session!

Easy ways to prepare for your family photo session

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