It’s been 8 months and 2 days since we welcomed our 4th baby, Everett Eli, into our family.  Looking at his newborn photos today has brought back such sweet memories.  He has been a perfect addition.  These last 8 months I have spent my time enjoying this little baby and the time with my family.  When people say it goes by in a blink of an eye, they are telling the truth.

Maybe because he’s my 4th, or maybe because I have a few years of experience as a mom but I finally feel like I’m fully embracing parenthood and my role as a mom.  I’ve accepted that it can be hard at times, but I also see that beauty in it.  That beauty sometimes is clouded with anxiety or stress but now I see those emotions for what they are.  It’s part of the job and they come with the territory.  Learning this has allowed me to enjoy this job I’ve been blessed with even more.

Now, on to Everett.  He is such a love-bug and we ALL adore this little man.  His birth and his first few days had some hiccups, including a NICU stay, but it all resulted in a healthy baby and a lot of perspective.  Now our Rhett (as we call him) is just the happiest little guy around.  AHHHH, he makes my heart so happy.

Well, it may have taken me some time to get back to the blogging/sharing world but now you see why.  I won’t apologize for that because I’ve been over here snuggling and loving this time with my family.

Here are a few photos we took in the hospital!  I was proud of myself for getting out of that sweaty hospital bed and capturing these.

I can’t wait to share more!  Stay tuned!


Introducing Everett Eli – 8 months later :)


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