I feel pretty lucky that I get to be home with my kids everyday…but I’ll admit it, I’m not always that fun.  It’s can be hard with all the to-dos to be fun all the time.  Tim is definitely the “fun” parent.  Today I decided take advantage of all the rain and gloom and live a little.  Wade LOVES being outside so I told him to put on his boots.  Let’s just say he needed little convincing!  So out we went to play in the rain.

We have a drainage issue in our driveway.  It’s always irritated us, but we usually just laugh about it and call it “Lake Kushon” in a French accent!  Until it gets fixed, I figured, let’s go play in the lake, why not?!  Well, my friends, that’s what we did today…and I bet it will happen again…and again.  I think I’m going to try and be fun more often.  After all, we had a blast making some memories!  As for Wade, how cute is he?


Another Rainy Day in Pittsburgh!


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