Sugar cookies, Easter

I love trying new recipes but the sometimes you just need to stick with one that is just too good to venture away from.  Anyone that knows my mom, also known as Gram Gram, knows her sugar cookies.  They are just so good.  Seriously!  They are made with very few ingredients and just so yummy.  I’ll admit, I’ve only made them a few times because I’m lucky enough that my mom lives near me, so when it’s time to make them my mom comes over and patiently makes them with the kids.  It’s a fun tradition at our house and I know it’s one that the kids always look forward to.  There might be sprinkles all over my kitchen floor at the end of the baking, but I’ll deal with that in exchange for the memories and the cookies!  

If you’d like to print out the recipe, click the link below!  Enjoy!!!

Gram Gram’s Sugar Cookies


The Best Sugar Cookies…EVER!


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