It’s no secret that my pictures are really, really, really important to me.  Heck, I think most of us love looking through are personal pictures.  I definitely don’t look through them everyday, but when I do, it always brightens my day.

I absolutely got the love of pictures from my mom.  She always had her camera in her hand and was snapping photos of our family.  I even remember the way she leaned to one-side when she took a picture and how my dad would always comment on it. 🙂  She took thousands of us growing up.  Now, there are five kids in my family so I’m not kidding when I say thousands.  My mom got behind in her photos and boxes started stacking up.  Up until a few years back she was years behind. Now, she is only a few months behind.  She went though those pictures and got them in albums for us all to enjoy.  She is my inspiration on keeping up with my personal pictures and getting them printed and into albums.  With digital pictures it’s so easy to just leave them on your computer but what a crime that would be.  I love to look through albums and so do my kids.

So, over the next few weeks and months, I will be officially be getting caught up my personal pictures and will be sharing how I am doing it along the way.  Right now I’m only about a year behind (haha) BUT I’ve created a workflow for myself to streamline things and one that will also keep me caught up.

If you are behind and hope to get caught up and organized then come back and follow along with this blog series!  Check back for the first official post of the series where we will get down to work!  🙂


Personal Pictures – Time To Get Organized


Photos that celebrate the life you have created.

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