When you have a baby it’s hard to truly imagine how your life will be.  You picture late nights rocking them to sleep, comforting them when they are sad, dressing them in cute clothes…etc.  Then they arrive and you realize that parenthood is ten times harder than you ever imagined but is filled with so much joy that you know you would never go back even if you had the choice.  I’m not perfect mom, far from it.  I get frustrated with my kids a lot and I will admit I have been known to overreact over silly things.  However, at the end of the day I know that I love them more than I sometimes can even put into words.  Their unique personalities make my heart explode over and over again and make me laugh constantly.

Last weekend, I was fiddling with my camera before taking 6 month pictures of my nephew.  So Clay, was the lucky subject.  He was in his usual spot, the snack table.  When in doubt, you’ll find Clay there…especially when there’s dip.

I’d have to say that these kind of pictures are my favorite.  No special reason for taking them other than that fact that it’s just another typical day with one of your favorite people.  These photos capture the little guy just the way he is, a happy kid that loves food and life.  My kind of guy.

2015-04-26_0001.jpg 2015-04-26_0002.jpg 2015-04-26_0003.jpg 2015-04-26_0004.jpg 2015-04-26_0005.jpg 2015-04-26_0006.jpg

Just Another Day With Clay


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