It’s been three years without him.  I think about him constantly and long to hug him or just pick up the phone and call him.  You never get over losing someone but you do move forward and life does go on.  Three years ago, I couldn’t even imagine that it would, but it does.  I still feel his love and I am doing my best to share that with my kids.  I’ll tell you one thing, I am SO grateful for all the memories my mom preserved in the thousands of photos she took over our life with him.

Here is the post I wrote after my first father’s day without him.  In it is the beautiful eulogy my sister, Emily, wrote for his memorial service.  She captured him beautifully.

Daddy Ron


I love you daddy and thank you for all that you were and all that you did for me.  I’ve always felt blessed to have you as my dad.


My amazing dad


Photos that celebrate the life you have created.

Pittsburgh Family Photos