Way back in September Tim came home and said that we were going to pack the kids up and go pick corn.  Apparently a buddy of his owns a farm and told him to go take all of us out there and pick as much corn as we wanted.  I was excited to do something different and also to have a fun place to take some pictures.  We packed some food for a picnic dinner, my camera,  our boots, and cowboy hats, and were on our way.

Sometimes it’s so nice to spontaneous and just go do something.  Here are some pictures from that evening.  It was also the evening that we got our Christmas card photo.  I didn’t plan on that, but we ended up with one that sparked my creative juices and it turned out to be probably my favorite card yet.

On a sidenote, I’m happy to be back blogging.  I hope you all are having a great 2015 so far.

2015-01-29_0001.jpg 2015-01-29_0002.jpg 2015-01-29_0003.jpg 2015-01-29_0004.jpg 2015-01-29_0005.jpg 2015-01-29_0006.jpg 2015-01-29_0007.jpg 2015-01-29_0008.jpg 2015-01-29_0009.jpg 2015-01-29_0010.jpg 2015-01-29_0011.jpg 2015-01-29_0012.jpg 2015-01-29_0013.jpg 2015-01-29_0014.jpg 2015-01-29_0015.jpg 2015-01-29_0016.jpg 2015-01-29_0017.jpg

Way Back In September…


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